Chad did a fantastic job helping us set up our website and train us in its use. He was patient, calm and easy to understand. He took the time to answer all of our questions and made himself available to us anytime we needed further assistance. On top of all that, our website is attractive and functional. I highly recommend his services to you!
I have used Chad Nelson and for our church website for over a year. "User friendly" is a huge plus for me since we are constantly adding events, changing calendars, and keeping our people informed. Chad was so helpful with advice on how to make our website current, fresh and appealing, and he is always there to answer any questions I might have. Transitioning to a new website was a great experience!
Leslie Walzel, Financial Secretary, First Baptist Church of Burnet (Texas)
I am sending a huge thank you to my talented web guy Chad Nelson of ChurchJump! I was struggling with and praying about the next step for our Iganga Pregnancy Center and how to do a web page... the format is very user friendly. Chad has done a wonderful job creating my page, maintaining and keeping up with changes. Chad's heart for helping and launching has been a wonderful blessing to me . Thanks Chad for your SUPER POWERS!!
I absolutely love working with Chad for my ministry needs! He creatively designed my website and helps with any necessary updates. Chad has created phenomenal marketing strategies for my blog, videos, product placement, social media, email and payment automation, and so much more! He is very professional, cordial, and efficient. Best of all, he is a man of integrity. What can I say, he's a great asset to have for any business or ministry!
Courtnaye Richard, Inside Out With Courtnaye
Chad has been a true blessing to my business/ministry at Verus Strength & Fitness. We needed help with website, social media and systems that would allow us become more organized, efficient and profitable and Chad over-delivered every time! I was the "Lone Stranger" running my group personal training studio alone for 7 years. I now have 2 coaches, a part-time admin and another coach coming on in 2 months. With his help, I can now start working towards my online brand/business and spread my skills and offerings to this whole earth place. Chad is a wealth of knowledge and his skill set will help any ministry or business grow. He's fast and dependable. Chad is a pleasure to work with. I am honored to call him friend and blessed to call him a brother in Christ.
Calvin Richard, Verus Strength & Fitness

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